Anonymous Report

Anonymous Reporting

Muaythai is built on the 5 important pillars of honour, tradition, respect, excellence and fair play. Every stakeholder, regardless of whether they are a fan, an official administrator, an event promoter, or simply a one-off spectator at an event, has the right to see transparency upheld.

At AMAS, we are fully committed to maintaining every Muaythai pillar. However, without the active participation of those who can provide credible information regarding any unlawful violations, we are unable to fulfil our duties to the fullest.

Please report, regardless of whether a violation involves those in high positions of leadership, including within IFMA. Please inform yourselves of what IFMA’s ethical standards, codes and commitments are and report any type of violation that you observe, such as improper financial dealings, violations of the code of ethics, and allegations of discrimination, harassment or abuse.

IFMA condemns all forms of discrimination, harassment, abuse and violence, especially against women, young boys and girls. We offer you our guarantee that individuals who report complaints or violations in good faith will not, as a result, be subject to retaliation or harassment from IFMA. Our continuous development as a sport and as a federation includes building a transparent and accountable community.

All allegations will be treated seriously and investigated. If you have evidence of a violation, please let us know about the specifics of the complaint with all relevant details. Our Ethics Committee will conduct a discreet and objective enquiry based on your complaint. The identity of those reporting violations will be kept confidential and treated as anonymous during the course of an investigation. We will contact you discreetly via email to request further information if required.

A valid NRIC is required for credibility. Your identity will remain anonymous with AMAS.
Please ensure that you provide adequate information regarding time, location and the parties involved, otherwise it may not be possible to follow up your claim